Interview with Megalith Books

Hey everyone. My interview with Megalith Books just went up. I tried to keep my answers as pithy as possible.

I have been talking with the publicist of Cayla Kluver (fellow young auth0r) about an interview on my Blog Talk Radio show with Stacey Cochran, and she's very interested. I think we've got our guest for next week! Stacey already did an interview with her (that should be on soon), but we're still going to have her on JJ Talk. I'll give you a date when I have it.


The Bouchercon Problem, and a Landmark in Sales I'm thoroughly convinced that I want to go to Bouchercon, which is the conference for mystery writers of America held an hour away from my house. I know that I can conjure up the $150 to go, but the problems are as follows: 1. How am I going to get there, 2. How am I going to get back, 3. Where am I going to stay?

I can't stay at home because it would be annoying and unthoughtful to ask my parents to drive four hours every day for four days to take and pick me up. I can't drive. I can't stay there because I don't have 300 extra dollars to drop on a hotel reservation either.

Until all three of these problems are sorted out, there's no way that I'm going to be able to go to Bouchercon. If you're going there and have any ideas, please comment here! I want to go so badly but I have no idea how I'm going to stay there for four days.

Also, today I crossed a landmark in my sales--300 copies of Double Life have been sold, and the ball is rolling faster. I'm thinking of setting up another signing at Waldenbooks in the mall--should be fun and I think I'd sell quite a lot!


Books On the Knob

After some date confusions and late writing on my end, we finally got my guest post on the Books On the Knob blog, a quite popular one with a lot of traffic. Today I talk about how to reach your target audience.

Make sure to post your questions or comments there!


Bring On the Books blog tour post

Hey, guys. Just had my next blog tour location posted on Bring On the Books. Today I talked about using Kindle as a book author and how you can make sales off of that.

I've also got a nibble from Penny Sansevari for her Blog Talk Radio show, Publishing Insiders. I'll give you a date on that as soon as I have it.


Saul Marquez, Next Up On Tour

I just posted my post about using Amazon's marketing tools on Saul Marquez's blog. Check it out!

Tomorrow is my last currently scheduled date, but I have a Blog Talk Radio show with Penny Sansevari that I'll be doing soon. We haven't scheduled a date for that, but I'll update you once that's available.


Stacey Cochran Carries On the Tour

Today I had a guest post at Stacey Cochran's blog as well as his blog on another website he owns, How to Publish a Book. Both posts are the same, but regrettably, there's no comment system so if you have a comment on the post you can put it on this post.

Tomorrow I visit my good friend Saul Marquez, who himself is a teen author, so keep following the tour! I still need more blogs to visit (five doesn't satisfy me) so any blog I can talk to would be good.


Interview with Becky Sutton

I just had a nice interview for my next blog tour location with Rebecca Sutton, a lady who lives in the UK and volunteered to do an interview with me. I think it went extremely well, and for you people who have read the first book, there's a teaser for the sequel at the end!

Check it out! And be tuned in tomorrow for a post about podcasting and blogging on Stacey Cochran's website!


And the blog tour kicks off with Jeremy Robinson!

Hey, everyone! Today the blog tour begins with Jeremy Robinson's website, He's very kind to allow me to blog tour at his website, which I hear garners quite a bit of traffic. Today I talk about forum ettiquete and give a little bit about my book as well.

Stay tuned, because tomorrow I'm going to e answering some questions for Rebecca Sutton!


Win a T-Shirt And a Signed Book!

I'd like to announce to everyone a contest that I'm running to promote Double Life.

Anyone who makes a video book promo, book trailer, or convinces at least three friends to buy my book (and can prove it) will themselves win a FREE signed copy of Double Life and a FREE special Josiah Jones t-shirt.

So if you're creating a video, make it and post it to YouTube and comment to this post with a link. If you're convincing three people to buy the book, then email the proof to me at What constitutes proof? A picture of the books, an Amazon record, whatever that can prove that these three copies of the book were sold as a result of your influence.

Good luck, and I hope to see what you've posted soon!


Blog Tour Begins June 12!

Hey, folks...just would like to let you guys know that my blog tour will be commencing June 12 with a blog post at Jeremy Robinson's website. He's been very generous to allow me to guest blog on his site.

I have also been featured on two blogs without even asking:

A Kindle review blog
Books on the Knob

If you would like to be on the blog tour and feature me on your blog, you can still comment on this post or email me at and we can set up a date.

The kindle book has sold about 80 copies so far! Keep it up!


Kindle Kindle Kindle!

Hey, everyone.

I have followed Stacey's advice on the Kindle and I have already sold forty-five books since May 30. Not bad. It is now a #5 bestseller in High Tech Science Fiction. You can see it or buy it for 80 cents right here:

Double Life

Thanks for reading this quick update, and let's see this book hit #1!