funny cover & incognito updates

Book covers are getting a bit ridiculous. I saw this image and was inspired to make something...a-like a-this: This inspired me to... on Twitpic

It's so true! I tried to make the cover as busy and obnoxious as possible.

Fundraiser's still got 50 bucks toward it--and my brother has volunteered to help me do a video that will be part of the Kickstarter promotion and a part of the redesign of my website that's coming up to celebrate the upcoming Incognito.

I'm going to have the cover come out around February or March--don't have it yet, but it's going to be something.

Dawson "Excited" Vosburg


Hey! Guess what's going on. I'm getting funding for Incognito, right now through April 11!

What does that mean? Let me explain.

I'm using Kickstarter, a website for people who want to fund creative projects. I have a cash goal of how much I want to raise ($3,000) in a timeframe (90 days) and people can pledge to give whatever amount they choose to the project if it's successful. Here's the deal though: it's all or nothing. Either I raise the full amount in 90 days or I get no money. The great thing is, if I don't get the full $3,000, no one has to pay anything. People only pledge and don't give their money at the point of pledging. Their cards are not charged until the project is 100% funded. It's a win-win. So if you have any amount you wanna pledge any amount, as low as a dollar, every bit helps. Trust me. Trust me.

And plus, if you pledge $5 or more, you start getting cool rewards for helping out--the top-tier reward (for $100) includes a GIANT map of Pimrise, a free book, and your name in the acknowledgments.

Thank you for everyone who helps out!

Dawson "Fun-Raiser" Vosburg


I have a lot of writer friends, and if you're reading this blog, it's probably because you're one of them.

And recently, they've had this tendency to go and become all famous on me. I'd like to outline just a few of these authors:

Sam Landstrom, awesome dude, wrote a book called MetaGame. Got picked up by Amazon Encore. I was lucky enough to get an interview before he was successful. You can hear that interview here.

Elisa Lorello, who I found out about through Stacey Cochran, has also been picked up by Encore with her book "Why I Love Singlehood." It was talking to her on Twitter today that made me start thinking about all these friends of mine who have a much wider audience than I do.

JA Konrath was a no brainer for this post. He's sold more books than most self-published authors can hope to dream about selling (and we're authors--we have quite large imaginations). And what's more, he helps out all his author friends. He's a mutual friend of mine with Stacey, and if I remember right we were planning on getting him for interview but it didn't happen.

Funny thing about Joe (JA Konrath)--I read every single book about publishing that comes into our library. Every day I come here (which is 4 or 5 days a week) I check 808.3 for writing and 70.5 for publishing. And recently I came across The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published, and when I was reading the self-published chapter (and this one's a good one) there was a little section about Kindle sales, and their main example was JA Konrath.

This blew my mind, having talked to Mr. Konrath casually on

Finally we come to Mr. Stacey Cochran, who is one of my close friends in the publishing business since I started. We hosted a Blog Talk Radio show (in which we interviewed Sam) and it was through him I met pretty much all of these people. He's also the reason I'm on Kindle. He has a Raleigh television show on which he reviewed my book.

This guy is amazing. And his writing is superb.

I mean, really--how are these people all of a sudden... *gets all teary-eyed* growin' up...and...and signing contracts and stuff.

These are all really cool authors, and you should check them out.


Dawson "Not Famous" Vosburg

an update on incognito

I know, I know, for most of you this book seems INCREDIBLY far away still. There's a whole semester of school until it's released! But it's coming soon, sooner than you think, and the deadlines scare you when you absolutely HAVE to have some things done three, even four months before the book comes out.

I'll let you know that I'm more than halfway through my edits on the book and I hope to begin editing with my good friend Elmore within the month, and have the advanced reader copies all printed and sent to reviewers by March 1st.

The review copies are going to be really cool. What I'm going to do is put the book and other materials in a box, and wrap that box in a giant print of the map of Pimrise (the island where the book is set), then tie it with twine and hand-calligraph the name and address to send the book to. So it would be sort of like the old packages that were tied with brown paper and twine that I've always dreamed of getting, and it will really stand out to the reviewers.

I'll post pictures (and perhaps video) of the packaging and promotional materials I send so if you want to know how to submit to reviewers you can.

Dawson "Re:View" Vosburg