Hey! Guess what's going on. I'm getting funding for Incognito, right now through April 11!

What does that mean? Let me explain.

I'm using Kickstarter, a website for people who want to fund creative projects. I have a cash goal of how much I want to raise ($3,000) in a timeframe (90 days) and people can pledge to give whatever amount they choose to the project if it's successful. Here's the deal though: it's all or nothing. Either I raise the full amount in 90 days or I get no money. The great thing is, if I don't get the full $3,000, no one has to pay anything. People only pledge and don't give their money at the point of pledging. Their cards are not charged until the project is 100% funded. It's a win-win. So if you have any amount you wanna pledge any amount, as low as a dollar, every bit helps. Trust me. Trust me.

And plus, if you pledge $5 or more, you start getting cool rewards for helping out--the top-tier reward (for $100) includes a GIANT map of Pimrise, a free book, and your name in the acknowledgments.

Thank you for everyone who helps out!

Dawson "Fun-Raiser" Vosburg

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