Blog Day 1--12/23/08. Current Sales: 68

Hello and welcome to my official blog!

On Saturday, December 13, the day of my release, I had a signing at the local Anderson Public Library in Anderson, Indiana. It was a huge success to say the least. I sat for four or five hours with five other authors from across the county selling books. The second-highest seller was Elmore Hammes, an acquaintance of mine whom I was happy to do a signing with. He sold 12 copies total of all his 4 books. I sold twice that, coming in at an astounding 24 sales the first day. I later sold in that single day 26 more copies, bringing my first day sales up to 50 copies. I was so happy with the numbers, and I celebrated duly.

To date now I have sold 68 copies of the book in a single week--I haven't made any sales since Sunday, as the book has not yet been made available on, which will be one of my major selling places. I am excited to see people buying my book!

Today, I am purchasing a box of 50 bookmarks for booksignings. I am also going to visit the Book Nook and Waldenbooks at my local mall to see if I can set up a signing there. From this point, I can move on to my local Borders, which already said that they would most likely let me have a signing there, and I have yet to contact my local Barnes and Noble stores and the Indianapolis B. Dalton.

I hope to schedule these things and have them posted up here soon!


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