Day 18--Terminal Velocity, More Amazon, and an interesting interview that I've had the ceremonial napping done from finishing my fourth novel, I can tell you a little bit more about it (though I won't say a word concerning any of the plot secrets).

Terminal Velocity is the same continuing story from Double Life. In fact, you could put the two together and no one would notice. It picks up right where DL started and goes at a fast pace as the RED gets stronger, and the cover is green as you can see. There's a big plot point behind that, but I'm not telling you what.

Since some of you haven't read the first book, I'm not going to give you the plot summary (yet). It has a few things that are revealed in Chapter 18 of the first book...and they would spoil that chapter for all of those who haven't read the first book. Those of you that have, you know what I mean.

Next up is that I have made a total of 3 amazon sales! 3!

Well, that's not too great, but still!

I also have the product description and a review from on there.

I also had an interesting interview Saturday night from a girl in college who had to do an interview with someone. We discussed self publishing and how it is attached with social networking, so basically Twitter, the publisher's forums, Facebook, bla bla bla. That was a really good time.

So...updates are coming soon. I have (so far) sold 115 copies of my book, plus a guaranteed 2 sales tomorrow because the people have promised to buy them.

Catch y'all later.


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