pre-order Terminal Velocity today

Hey, everyone--Terminal Velocity comes out in just one month and five days. That's incredible to me. It's all gone so fast!

You can pre-order a copy of the book anytime before then and get the price of $10 plus the shipping charges (I'll probably standardize to $3 for the first book and $1 for every book thereafter).

To pre-order, email me at I need to have your name, the name you want the book signed to, your address, payment method, and whether you want it gift-wrapped or not. The book will be shipped out on December 11 so it can arrive on the 14th at the earliest. If you don't feel comfortable giving a home address, I'll send to PO boxes if you'd like.

Payment will be either via PayPal or check (which you send by mail). Once you email me the required information, I will reply with a thank you and either my address to mail the check to or the PayPal email address to pay to. I WILL NOT send a book to someone who has not paid.

Here's the official back-cover synopsis of the book:
The imaginary world is just as Josiah Jones left it, but it's all about to change.

Events surrounding the death of an agent have compelled Josiah and Tom to find the RED Agency's new headquarters, but things are more than they seem. A mysterious third party interferes, and no one knows whose side they could be on. The second installment of the Adventures of Josiah Jones is more exciting, more action-packed, and even more intriguing than the first.
Email me and order your copy of this book today!


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