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I've recently been using something really cool to write and edit my books. It stores all my Word documents for me, and I can even write on it when Word crashes on the library computers (it's been doing that all the time recently. Curse you, Microsoft.)

This thing is called Google Docs. It's been around for awhile now, and I've found it incredibly useful. Especially when you're collaborating with an editor.

First, you upload your final draft of the novel to Google Docs (or if you wrote the whole thing in Docs, then you don't have to upload it). Then you can choose to share this document with the email address of your editor. He can download the Word document and do his evil magic on it, and then he can add his version to the same Google doc. The cool thing is, you can download both your original and his edited version.

It gets really cool when you think of things like this. Your editor, when he finishes work for the day, can save the document and add a new version of the book every day (don't worry--you get more space on Docs than you can ever begin to use) and you, the author, can see his work as he edits, and if you have any comments you can email it to him and you can change things yourself.

See, Google Docs has so much potential for making your life easier as a writer. I can't wait to work with my editor on Incognito so we can just use it. It's phenomenal.

Well I've talked too much today. See you.

Dawson "Docky" Vosburg

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