which story?

Recently, I've been doing some radio interviews and some other sorts of small-time media conversations to promote Incognito, and I've come across a question in my mind. What story do I want to be told about me?

To be more specific, I feel like sometimes I completely miss everything in the book and only ever talk about how I wrote the first draft, or how I self published it, or how Kindle is a great avenue for reading. It's as if the book has no content itself--I'm only telling the publishing side of my story; the outside, whereas the whole story of the inside is being ignored.

I thought that the point of the book being there at all was so that people can connect with the characters and be taken to a different world. Why, then, does the general public only get to hear the "I published a book" part, and not the part where fantastic things happen?

Amanda Hocking and John Locke have been talked about in the news, sure. And even people I know outside of the writing world talk about them. But do they talk about the characters, the message in the books? The plot and the thrills that come with reading them? No...they talk about how Amanda Hocking and John Locke sold a lot of books.

I struggle with knowing whether I want to be talked about in one way or the other. On one hand, how I publish and write is an interesting story that a lot of people have asked me about. On the other, my goal for the books was that people would be interested in the plot and characters.

Any thoughts?

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  1. If talking about you gets people to want to look inside your book, then that's a good thing, right?