Terminal Velocity, Coming Soon!

I am stoked, needless to say. Why? Because Terminal Velocity comes out in three months and four weeks!

I know it feels like forever from now, but let's get the buzz a-buzzing, because it's sooner than you think!

Waldenbooks of Anderson will be the place to be on December 14. They've agreed to let me have that spot (this is the good thing about reserving space early). I might contact another bookstore or two to see if they'd like to do a midnight release, which would be even more fun than just a regular book launch event.

If you don't live anywhere near Anderson or its surrounding cities, I hate you. That's not true, but I will film my introduction and the Q&A period and place that on YouTube for you to see.

There will be contests and videos and interviews galore in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned to this blog for the goings on. Terminal Velocity is almost done and it's a reason for excitement.


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