operation: e-book drop

Hey everyone. I've been looking into a project that I've really found to be a great cause that can involve books, and I'd love for anyone who's written a book to get involved. It's called Operation: E-Book Drop. It was started by one of my friends and mentors in the writing business, Edward C. Patterson. It's a movement to give free e-books on Kindles to troops currently enrolled in the US military.

I'm going to be taking part in this cause because I believe that our troops are very important. I know, I know, it's cliche, but seriously, these people get killed all the time, and the only reason is to maintain your freedom.

I think those people deserve some good entertainment.

So this started as a post on my dear Kindleboards.com, and it exploded into a project involving 423 authors and over 400 books donated to troops in Iraq looking for something to do. So if you want to take part in this, check it out right here:


Your book will have to be available on Smashwords, so make sure you can do that in order to participate.

With all due respect,

Dawson "God Bless America" Vosburg


  1. Hi, Dawson - I'm involved with this, too. It's a great idea.

  2. I agree. Ed always comes up with the best ones :)