If you've ever looked at my obscure music references on my facebook and wondered, "Where does Dawson find all these weird bands/songs/musical quirks?" then your answer is thesixtyone.

thesixtyone is a music adventure. New musicians make music, and you decide what's good by listening, giving songs "hearts," and commenting.

Here's a short list of bands I've met only because of thesixtyone:

  1. State Radio
  2. The Cog is Dead
  3. Lemon Sun
  4. Oh No Not Stereo
  5. Joe Purdy
  6. Fez
  7. Faber Drive
  8. Ideogram
  9. Songs to Wear Pants To
  10. Detektivbyran
  11. Sigur Ros
  12. Kate Earl
  13. JKML
That is a very, very abbreviated list of new bands I've found. Some old acquaintances I've bumped into:
  1. Mates of State
  2. Free Energy
  3. Glen Hansard
  4. Asteroids Galaxy Tour
As you can see, this is an awesome website. Just FYI, you will become very addicted to it. But it's music--you probably already have music playing a lot anyway.

With all due respect,

Dawson "Man in the Hall" Vosburg

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