I love my imagination. It's one thing that I'm thankful for every day (not just Thanksgiving, although that was one of the major ones for me this year.)

I want to hear from you. What's something you used to imagine when you were a child? Think way back...everyone used to have imaginary friends (I had Bob and Joe, who turned into Bob and David in the book, David being named after my brother). In case you didn't know, Double Life and Terminal Velocity are based on my childhood imaginings of being Agent 12 in the BLUE Agency and fighting against the evil RED Agency.

So what do you imagine? One of the things I did as a kid was to take old bricks we had in our yard and make medieval cities out of them. It was the most fun I'd ever had. We invented cultures, rituals, and battles. That's  what led me into writing fantasy.

Your imagination doesn't stop when you grow up. Share your imaginary world!

Dawson "Agent 12" Vosburg

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  1. Hey I imagined a kid named Mason who is half dragon which is a species called Scalers.