who is the incognito?

One of the principle plot elements for the Incognito is (great surprise, I know) the Incognito himself. Or herself? Is it really a person? Who is it? What does it stand for?

My favorite analogy for imagination comes from J.J. Abrams (what's with initialed authors and great plots? C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, J.J. Abrams...maybe I should pick up D.P. Vosburg). When he was a child, he enjoyed mysteries, and magic because you didn't know how it worked behind the scenes. He had a box that he bought at a magic shop when he was a child when he bought lots of magic stuff. This box had lots of question marks on it, and it was a mystery magic trick. But Abrams has never opened the box.

He's had it since he was ten or eleven, and he's never opened the box.

And that box sits on his desk, and every day he looks at it and it is the inspiration for much of his plotting. If you think of that all of his plotting revolves around what you don't know.

The Incognito is that box in the Incognito. At least...in that first one. Who knows how many more there will be to follow?

Just some insight into the idea of mystery and how powerful the lack of knowledge can be.

Dawson "Tall, Pale, and Mysterious" Vosburg

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