Blog Day 2--2/17/09. Current Sales: 94

Things have been relatively slow lately, but are hopefully going to start picking up when I reach the 100-sale mark. My book hit Amazon a couple weeks ago, and I quickly submitted a PDF for the Search Inside feature. So now, if you want, you can go over to Amazon and read (part) of the first chapter of my book. I need some sales, as I have made 0 of them on the Amazon page, so I'd like to see SOME kind of sales rank.

(Note: If you want to buy it on Lulu because it's cheaper, the postage will even it out. It's worth the extra 4 bucks, and if you order my book with another item you can get the Super Saver shipping.)

I have recieved my bookmarks from, which is a good printing website--I got 100 marks for about a quarter apiece.

I've been talking to a friend of mine about a signing at a Waldenbooks signing--as in the Waldenbooks in the Mounds Mall (a fairly tiny and run down mall in Anderson.) I am excited for more booksignings and events to be going on, starting at the small bookstores and then moving onto the big guns, like Indianapolis and Chicago stores. THAT would be something worth working toward.

I might be getting stocked in the Noblesville, Indiana Borders store--the one in the new Hamilton Town Center Mall. You know the one. The HUGE Borders store. It might make a spot in the local section, and that's just a stone's throw away from getting a signing booked. ESPECIALLY after getting a signing at Waldenbooks. Takin' it one step at a time.

In news about Cougar Press--we're looking at office space in the Union Building in Anderson. $7/square foot on the fourth floor--not sure if that's buying or renting. I hope it's buying. 7 bucks a square foot every month doesn't sound too good to me. We're still accepting manuscripts, so send 'em on over! I'd especially like to see submissions to D Productions. That'd be a really good thing.

So, in other words--things are going well after being slow for a while. I'll keep you updated if any updates come my way. Remember, I'm always working on my writing, always working on marketing, always reading.

Oooh! One more thing. I've been formulating a plan to host a writer's retreat this summer. Just a vague idea right now, but I'd like to invite some of my favorite authors--Christopher Paolini, Jeff Kinney, Jeremy Robinson, ladadadada...still just an idea, though. I'll keep you posted if it ever happens to come about.

Catch ya later. I'll keep you posted.


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