Blog Day 3--2/18/09. Current sales: 94

So, I'm going to try to write in this blog daily to keep everyone updated on my book, writing, etc, etc. No real updates on what I discussed tomorrow, but a few more enjoyable and less technical goodies that I hope you will enjoy.

First of all, I am about 11k words into the sequel to Double Life. Yes, I have the title, and yes, I have the cover already made. No comment on what they are, but I can tell you: the cover once again looks fantastic. Phil's work is tremendous and I am glad to have him as a friend working in the business with. Trying to recreate the look of his work is impossible--trust me, I've tried. Don't.

Anyway, the sequel is going very well story-wise, and I've snuggled in some gems to answer some questions left hanging by the sort of drop-off ending that stopped the story in its tracks when you finished the first book. ;) Some character threads advance, and you learn a lot more about the characters you thought you knew. Also--well, I shouldn't say anything about THAT. Want to keep some surprises for you in the second book.

Anyway, as soon as this book is edited and ready to roll, we are going to do a pre-order campaign again. That's right. Another pre-order campaign. The first one--eh, sort of successful. I sold 17 copies on pre-order. But we're going to beat that this year, aren't we? This year, I am aiming for 500 pre-orders, at least 200. This will be easy (or easier than Double Life's campaign), as I will have a group of eager readers waiting for the sequel who would love to have it on pre-order.

Why do I need to have at least 200? Because I'm going to make them look--er, special. That's right. Matte, non-glossy covers with embossing. Yeah. It's going to be awesome. So if you want to feel the letters as you run your hand across the cover, please pre-order. I will announce it on this blog and on the forthcoming Dawson Vosburg website. It isn't done yet--in fact, I've hardly even begun yet ( I've only done the "index" page and have yet to enable the cool interactive features I want). But it'll be here soon, soon enough for the pre-orders.

I plan to have a midnight release for either the second or the third book. I really love midnight releases--watching the one for Brisingr on Youtube was a tantalizing experience. I really can't wait!

Well, that's all I have for now. Talk atcha later.


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