Blog Day 5--2/22/09. Current sales: 97

Okay, scratch everything I said about buying my book just from Amazon. I have something WAY more important than that, so PLEASE buy my book from Lulu during the month of March. If you have the sudden urge to buy it in February and can't wait til March to pick it up, please head on over to Amazon, but this is EXTREMELY important., the printer of my book, is running a contest through the month of March to see what three salespeople of books can sell the MOST copies of their book, directly from Lulu, in a single month. These copies cannot be purchased by the author of the books, so no cheating allowed. they also can't be bought outside of Lulu. That means that NO BUYING off of Amazon during the month of March.

I know, I know: you wanted to take part in Amazon's free Super Saver Shipping when you coupled your purchase of my book with another, but this can wait. The contest prizes are $1,500 for 1st prize, $750 for 2nd, and $500 for 3rd. Also, the 1st prize winner will recieve promotion in an email sent to ALL Lulu members, as well as an interview on the Lulu blog. This is a HUGE opportunity for my book. The money will be used to further my efforts with the book.

Now, on with the task at hand. I have expanded my list of people I want on the authors' retreat. The list is now:

- Christopher Paolini
- Eoin Colfer
- Jeremy Robinson
- Sara Gruen
- Jeff Kinney
- JK Rowling
- Chris Baty

These are all some great authors--you should read their stuff! Chris hasn't published any novels that I am aware of, but he HAS written 10 novels, I can tell you that. He's the founder of NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, which is the contest in which Double Life was written.

Also, I have made a big decision. I have dreamed from the get-go of Double Life becoming a movie, but I have made a decision: I want no one else but my cover designer Phil Dragash and I to be the head honchos--or at least intimately involved--in this project. I certainly will not allow any other Hollywood writer to be writing a screenplay for Double Life when I am perfectly capable of doing so myself.

Why have I made this decision? Because I want to protect the story. I want people to be able to watch the movie and say "Wow, I want to read the book!" Or if they are fans, I want them to say, "Wow! That was so much like the book!"

My pet peeve is that Hollywood ruins books when they adapt them into movies. They don't realize that the main audience of this film will be fans of the book who just want to see the movie put to the screen so they can SEE the characters and SEE the action in movie format, which generally gives them excitement and it makes the book come to life. Unfortunately, most book-to-movie adaptions don't give this, with the one exception (that I have found) of Lord of the Rings. Excellent book-to-movie. Instead, with films like Eragon, we get artsy fartsy adaptions that say, "No, we need to chop that necessary character and add some 'comic relief' (or some other equally two-dimensional character.)" This is not what I want for my book.

THAT is why I want to be deeeeeply involved in any movie version of my book that may come about, because it's movies like Eragon that while I discovered the book through the movie, I grew to hate Hollywood adaptions even more.

So, that was a great post. I liked writing it. That's about all I have for you today. hope to talk to you soon.


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