Day 8--First Amazon sale, Lulu Book Review, and the Today show

We have reason to celebrate, folks of America--I've made my first Amazon sale! *throws confetti everywhere and performs the ever-popular Irish jig*

Now that I've made the jig come back in style, I'm going to get down to the actual post. If you go to my book, you can clearly see that where once there was no sales rank that now it is in the 300ks. This isn't a great sales rank, but it's a sales rank and I've sold a book, and that's good enough for me.

Coming up in the near future--a review from the allegedly famed Lulu Book Review. This will be yet another great review on my review page of (currently) only 2 reviews. THAT will change soon, as my teen librarian has just reported that she read the book and couldn't put it down, and yes she would be happy to write up an Amazon review. I have a record so far of no reviews less than four stars. Let's hope it stays that way, because that would be a landmark for success. If I get up to thirty reviews and never have less than 3 stars, I will be satisfied.

And the Today show! No, I haven't booked it yet, but they are one of my top priorities. You will be seeing this face very soon on your morning television. *points at his own face then wonders why he keeps doing asterisk commentary*

A pitch letter and press release, plus a Q+A sheet and a free signed copy of the novel are in order for them. Hint: if I get booked on this show, I will be GOLDEN.

Anyway, 98 sales. Will you be the 99th?

That's all from Dawson. Remember, reVamped is coming next week. Don't miss it. *notes that it would probably not be hard if you are following this blog because it will be featured first thing that I get the vid up*


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