Day 7--Fancypants reVamped, Rise of the Amazon Sales Rank

Hey, there! Here's a first announcement of what is to come from my Fancypants813 YouTube channel (which you can see at the top of this blog). I am going to be starting something I call Fancypants reVamped.

What does this mean for your weekend? Details ahead.

What Fancypants reVamped is going to do? Well, you can already see by going to the Fancypants channel that I've made a channel look overhaul. And coming up next is an actual Fancypants logo, which I am excited to unveil. On top of all of this, we're going to be making an announcement video which will probably be funnier than all my current Dragon Talk videos combined.

Speaking of Dragon Talk, new episodes will be coming from eager questioners, resulting in 6 brand new Dragon Talk episodes! That's right, we're going to drive the episode number up from 9 to 15 in a matter of a couple weeks. Also, we'll be unveiling a new comedy show, which YOU, as the public, will be able to vote on a name for.

I've said too much already.

And coming up next is the "rise of the Amazon Sales Rank," obviously parodying "Rise of the Silver Surfer," the ugly sequel to an ugly first movie. But I digress. I am definitely going to be upping my Amazon sales rank because of the upcoming promotional campaign I am working on, which involves a media mailing campaign, bookmark giveaways, TV and radio campaigns, booksignings, and a Website that will feature this blog as a main part of it.

So, that's coming up in the near future. Be expecting more great things to come from this person in the future. I will continue to please all of you with my literature, videos, and this very blog.

G'day to ya then.


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