Blog Day 12--Burst of Marketing Gusto, Extreme Happiness with Fans, Extreme UNhappiness with Twilight, and other such stuff

Hey, I'm back after a long absence. I've been meaning to post here every day, so now I'll just say that I'll post when there's something worth posting about (or when I'm not tearing my hair from my head in frustration).

Couple things. First off, I'm doing the thing that I should have done MONTHS ago for my book, and that is a "marketing blitz." It usually happens at the beginning of a book's life, but since I was scrambling to get everything done at the launch of the book, I had no opportunity to do this. Now it's become apparent that this author needs to burst onto the scene of the writing world and really pack a punch with it, too. Here's the plan:

- Big promo emailing
- Website (finally)
- Book Signings (when it fully reaches all the distribution markets)
- Speaking engagements at libraries and schools
- And much, much more!

And soon you'll be reading this very blog on a slick new website designed just to be about me and the Adventures of Josiah Jones. I can't wait! The hard part is actually coding all this crap--that's what takes forever.

Also, I've been getting some tremendous feedback with a review by this guy and a person I hardly knew come to me at school to say he loved my book. Also, as I previously stated, an interview with the Lulu blog and an upcoming interview with Stacey Cochran.

So far, I've been disappointed with Twilight, but the details are for another time, as I have no time left on the library computer.

See you later!



  1. Glad to see you are taking a step toward Marketing. Stay focused, expect the "worst," but stay positive at all times. Just've already sold over 100 copies with little marketing at all. Now that you are stepping up to bat, just think of what you will probably achieve. Keep us posted on the outcome. We're doing lots of marketing features next month.

    Best wishes,

  2. Yes, thanks Shannon. I've been needing a burst of inspiration.