Day 11--Keep Taggin', Failpire, David Lubar, and Why You should Join ScriptFrenzy!

Just a reminder for you, remember to keep tagging Double Life on Amazon. I'm at a standstill at 33 Sci Fi tags. That's not enough to get me onto the top four pages, which is currently my goal. I need a few more scores of people to click the little box (which shouldn't be too hard) next to the tags on my book's amazon page.

Also, Failpire, a comedy show by Samuel Proof, is live tonight at 6 o'clock Eastern time. Watch it--very funny, full of comedy sketches and music. You'll be able to watch it HERE.

Last night, I went to a "Read n' Feed" at the Anderson Public Library, at which I consumed pizza and watched David Lubar, a bestselling author, talk to us about writing, video games, and make funny jokes. I loved it as a whole, and afterwards he signed some books and everyone was happy. He was actually intimately involved in the creation of Frogger and Frogger 2 for the GameBoy. I was impressed, needless to say!

Also...something cool and good for you is coming up next month. What is it? Why, it's ScriptFrenzy of course! In case you don't know what this is, ScriptFrenzy is an amazing competition in the month of April. Your goal: write 100 pages of script (any kind) in the month of April. Why would you want to participate? You can write ANY KIND of script! Screenplay, stageplay, radio drama, comedy sketches, television shows, comic book scripts--anything. This is where I will be writing the screenplay for Double Life (as in the movie that I plan to make as opposed to a comic book or *blech* a stage version). You can check it out HERE.

Alright, catch you later!



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