Day 15--Alex Rider, Website, and some Exciting News

First of all, I want to say something--I never new of the book series Alex Rider when I went to write Double Life. However, I think it's a great comparison tool. Yesterday I was looking through the recommended book for "people who bought related items also bought..." and I saw Alex Rider on there. I looked it up, and a few minutes later we were watching the movie adaption of Alex Rider: Stormbreaker. I am now a fan of the series--if the movie was that well done, then the books must be infinitely better (sort of reminds me of Holes--the movie was excellently true to the book. Also, both movies' screenplays were written by the book's author, which I find very good).

Second--I finished the basic coding for my website last night. I have all the pages and they look decent, but I'm going for something a bit better than decent, so I'll keep working on it and then get some cheap web hosting. Thank goodness there are so few images on the site...image-heavy pages are expensive to host and take a long time to load.

Just a little while back on last Wednesday, I was contacted by a member of the PR Department. The message read as follows:

Dear Mr. Vosburg,

My name is Kim Smith and I work in the Public Relations department at Your book, "Double Life" has caught our attention on's global marketplace. We would love to gain more information about you and how you came to write this book using's self-publishing services.

Attached is an author questionnaire form that we would like for you to please fill out. Please return it to me as quickly as possible so that we can store your information. This questionnaire will help us if we were to ever write a press release regarding your work or if someone from the media wants information about the author for your great book. It gives you the potential for some free press!

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you!

Well, obviously my jaw dropped to the floor in surprise. This was DEFINITELY not something I was expecting, but it's something GOOD that I wasn't expecting. Anyway, I filled out the questionnaire and sent it back and I hope to get a message back about any news.

Also, I'm currently storyboarding a book trailer for Double Life that I'll shoot with my cover designer, Phil Dragash (who also is a filmmaker with a really good camera). I'm excited about that too.

I'll keep posting as updates continue to come in.

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