Day 14--Borders Book Club, Sequel Coming Quickly: Pre-order Form Will Be Online

Hey, there. Just a quick announcement. I've been talking on Twitter with Borders Media. I asked them what it would take for me to get an interview with the Borders Book Club, and they said that they only had a budget for a few people a year, and that I should keep them in the loop. It wasn't a yes, but it certainly wasn't a no either. I'll update you as soon as more info comes in.

Next up: The sequel should be finished by March 31. That is my deadline, and it is approaching quickly. Luckily spring break starts Friday with a half-day, so I'll have tons of time to catch up. Currently around 16-18k with that, hopefully breaking 20k by the end of tonight, and I'll have 30k to go in 6 days. Realistically, 5k a day isn't too bad. I feel like I am in pretty good shape right now. If I have to go longer with the story, 60k wouldn't be too much of a stretch.

Don't forget that Script Frenzy is next month! Go to yon website and look at your options for April to write a screenplay! Rest assured, I will have a screenplay for Double Life by April 30, and you will all be happy.

I will be posting with my sequel title announcement the cover of the sequel and an early-bird pre-order form with the regular discount of $2 off. The trade paperback for this one will be $12 (the non-POD one), and I will pre-order sell them for $10. Why'd I raise the price? This book is going to be looooongeeeeer. I'm aiming at 224-240 pp for the final draft including title page, ToC, back pags, bla bla bla...

So, there you have it. I'll be posting soon.


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