Day 16--BlogTalkRadio, Sequel is Almost Done, and Listmania My Book!

First of all, I'm going to be hosting a show today at 3pm Eastern Daylight today! Go yon! You can call in via Skype (if you live in NY, you can just call in with a phone and not be charged for it). Skype only costs 2.1 cents/minute, and thus would be very inexpensive for calling into the show. You'll find the number on the page to call in when the show goes live.

Also, the sequel to Double Life is almost finished! I can't wait to reveal to the world the title and cover! It looks WAY MORE AWESOME THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE!

Here's something cool that you can do. Want to promote your book with a Listmania, but don't know what else to put in it? Are you just going to be nice and create a Listmania? Include my book in it! Just search in Books for Double Life when making your list and it will come up as number 2 on the list. It's that simple!

That's it for today. Hope you can call in/listen to the show today, and I'll be back on Wednesday for the cover of the second book!


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