Day 10--Lulu Blog, Sorry about reVamped (or lack thereof), and Harry Potter

First of all, sorry about not posting the Fancypants reVamped intro last week. I had one busy week and never had the chance to make it.

Second, the interview with the Lulu blog is live! Go yonder! I had a lot of fun talking with Dan London--he had some great questions and a good introduction.

Also, I have just started reading Harry Potter. I know, a bit late, but it's only been a week and a half and I just finished Chamber of Secrets, so I've got it pretty good. I'm starting Prisoner of Azkaban today. I hope that'll be a good one. So far I love the series--excellent and well written. You can expect to see my reviews on Amazon of all seven once I finish them.

Booksigning is coming up...that'll be about May 1 or 2 depending on what we work out. It'll be at the Waldenbooks in Mounds Mall for those of you who live around here in Anderson. That's probably most of you. So, come along and check it out. This "happens" to be the same night X-Men Wolverine comes out (I put "happens" in quotes because this was intentional), so we can catch the lines full of sci-fi enthusiasts right in front of my colleague, Elmore Hammes, and I signing books and making a killing (hopefully).

So, lots of opportunities for everyone in the very near future. Hope to post soon, and sorry I didn't post earlier.


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